Free text field. Text entering can be filtered. Minimum and maximum length of entered text can be specified.


<item type="string" name="VAR1" comment="String" regexp="[0-9]{6,12}" value="12120873"  min="5" max="10"  width-"300" required="1"/>

List of attributes:

Attribute Value Description
name string

Include the name  of script variable which has to contain capital letters and numbers

For example: SENS1 or VAR5

Obvious attribute.

type text, string Obvious attribute.
filter string Only symbols specified in the string could be entered
min integer value Minimum character lengths to be entered
max integer value Maximum character lengths to be entered
Value string Text shown in the field by default
required true, false Denote that the field is to be filled in obviously
desc string Field description. It is displayed to the left of field by default. For description in another language add to “desc” attribute the hyphen and  language name and enclose them in quotation marks. For example: “desc-ru”:””, “desc-en”:””, ”desc-ukr”:”” .
descWidth integer value The width of field description, pixels. Equals to 100 by default.
descAlign left, right, top Field description layout respectively to field. It can be placed leftward, rightward and at the top.
weight integer value Field width, pixels.
flex floating-point number, it can be integer

Field width respectively to screen size and sizes of other fields that are placed in one string with this field.

For example:

flex:1 – if the string contains one field then it will be stretched up to the right hand border of the form.

flex:0.5 – it will be stretched up to the middle of the form
flex:2 – field width will be greater than other fields have with flex:1

If “width” attribute is present then “flex” attribute won’t be applicable.