hour — current value of hours.


u32 hour();

Returns the current value of hours.

Return values:

Returns the present value of integer hours passed from the beginning of a day. Type of return value u32.


<item addr="524:248" name="Test for hour function" type="script">

	u32 Hour = hour();
	u32 Min = min();
	u32 Sec = sec();

	// Result output to the interface
	u8 strForMess[100];
	sprintf(strForMess, "%cTime in the format of HH:MM:SS  - %d:%d:%d ", 1, Hour , Min, Sec);
	setStatus(INTERFACEID:32, &strForMess);


The result of performing the example in the interface:

Every second the messages with current value of time appear in the interface.