In this block the fields of script variables, their positioning in the form of addendum
and editing are described.

Example of a single field layout in the string:

<item type="string" name="VAR1" comment="String" regexp="[0-9]{6,12}" value="12120873"  min="5" max="10"  width="300" required="1"/>

The text box (optional for filling) will be displayed in the form. Name attribute contains the name of script variable which has to contain capital letters and numbers, the name of variable for camera is to be enclosed in percent symbols %LOGIN%. Only 5 to 10 symbols specified in “filter” attribute can be entered in the field. Its description will be displayed to the left of field. The field length is 300 px.

Example of several fields layout in one string:

<item type="weekday" name="DAY1" comment="Days of week" value="" required="1"/>
<item type="time" name="TIME11" comment="Time from" required="0"/>

Two fields will be positioned in one string. The description of field is taken from the first found “desc” attribute. If the language is selected the description will be taken from “desc-language” attribute (e.g.,: desc-ru, desc-en, desc-fr, desc-ukr). For description in another language add to “desc” attribute the hyphen and language name and enclose them in quotation marks. For example: “desc-ru”:””, “desc-en”:””, ”desc-ukr”:”” .

Field type is specified in “type” attribute.