Example of description in XML:

<item addr="333:10" name="Motion" type="motion-sensor" scale="0:100"/>
<item addr="333:11" name="Illumination" type="illumination-sensor" scale="auto"/>
<item addr="333:12" name="Temperature" type="temperature-sensor" scale="auto"/>
<item addr="333:13" name="Humidity" type="humidity-sensor" scale="auto"/>

Additional parameters:

Name type and variety description default value
scale auto
display range
log-levels list of temperatures For the devices temperature sensors – temperature levels for messages in the server log, for example log-levels=”70,80,85” (warning, error, emergency) log-levels=”60,80,90”

Device status (2 bytes):

Byte number Description
0 Fractional value of sensor
1 Integral value of sensor