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Supply voltagePoE (802.3af),
11.5 … 27.5 V DC,
Passive POE 24V
Dimentions194x120x45 mm


Video intercom calling panel. It has a built-in NFC reader, a 1MP camera with IR illumination and a relay for connecting the electric lock. It also has a built-in 6Gb memory for taking photos or recording videos. Supports SIP and DLNA protocols

Module parameters

Camera HD (1280×720)
Card reader NFC, RFID 125kHz
IR lighting 1 m
Connection type Ethernet
Protocols SIP, DLNA
Power supply PoE (802.3af),
11.5 … 27.5 V DC,
Passive POE 24V
Max current 150 mA
Case material Aluminium alloy panel
Protection IP65
Mounting type Wall surface mount
Temperature range -20…+35 °C
Dimensions 194x120x45 mm
Weigth 950 g

HW settings

Name Type, range SUBID Default Description
hold integer (0…10000) 8 2000 bridging time (0..10000 milliseconds) Example:
vol integer (0…250) 8 150 Volume for the message of opening the lock (0-250) Example:
r string 8 500 Lock Inverse Example:
vol (0…250) 250 150 Ring volume by pressing the call button (0-250) Example:
irl integer (1…99) 6 10 level of illumination sensor to turn on IR illumination Example:
 1<item addr="202:1" cfgid="68" name="switch" type="switch" uniq_id="3774"/>
 2<item addr="202:2" cfgid="68" name="Illumination" type="illumination-sensor" uniq_id="3775"/>
 3<item addr="202:3" cfgid="68" name="Illumination IR" type="illumination-sensor" uniq_id="3776"/>
 4<item addr="202:5" cfgid="68" name="Card reader" type="security-card-reader" uniq_id="3777"/>
 5<item addr="202:6" auto-period="600" cfgid="68" name="IR" system="yes" type="lamp" uniq_id="3778"/>
 6<item addr="202:8" auto-period="600" cfgid="68" name="Lock" hw="hold=6000 vol=160 r" type="lamp" uniq_id="3779"/>
 7<item addr="202:30" cfgid="68" name="speaker" type="speaker" uniq_id="3780"/>
 8<item addr="202:31" cfgid="68" name="mic" type="mic" uniq_id="3781"/>
 9<item addr="202:98" cfgid="68" name="CPU" system="yes" type="temperature-sensor" uniq_id="3782"/>
10<item addr="202:240" cfgid="68" name="rtsp" type="rtsp" uniq_id="3783" url="http://dev:55556" video-uri="/:31?camera"/>
11<item addr="202:250" cameras="202:240" cfgid="68" door="202:8" hw="vol=150" iid="0" name="Intercom_202" type="intercom" uniq_id="3784">
12    <linked addr="202:1" uniq_id="3785"/>