Multiroom system media point with a built-in amplifier. Used to play
music, the Internet radio, system notifications. Supports DLNA protocol.
Can be used either within the Smart Home system or separately.

Connection example

Module Parameters

Parameter name Value
Analog output channels qty 2
Speakers 4-8 ohm
Max power output audio channel 2x20W
Connection type Ethernet
Transfer data speed 10/100 MB/s
Power supply 23…26V DC
Max current(24V) 3.3 A,
24V 4.2 A Recomended
Case material Aluminium
Protection IP40
Mounting type Free
Temperature range -10…+50 °C
Dimensions 140x64x30 mm
Weigth 500 g

Indication of module operation

Indicator Status Description
Power Power
Power not available
Standby mode
Activity Transferring data
No data transferring
Error No errors


The contacts configured incorrectly can lead to simultaneous power supply to both channels, resulting in the module failure and/or failure of the equipment connected to it, and even a fire.

HW Settings

Name Type, range SUBID Default Description
slaves ID:SID,ID:SID 30 Syncs master and slaves media points. Example:

ss int (0…10000) 30 Smooth increase speaker volume (0..10000 milliseconds) Example:

play-lim int (-100…1440) 30 0 Stop playback after a certain number of tracks / seconds(<0 - tracks; >0 – seconds) Example:


		<item addr="582:30" cfgid="68" name="speaker" type="speaker" hw="slaves='321:30,452:30' ss=5500" uniq_id="4620"/>
		<item addr="582:98" cfgid="68" name="CPU" system="yes" type="temperature-sensor" uniq_id="4621"/>