Module view

  1. Indicators
  2. IR Reсiever
  3. Recovery button
  4. Power supply
  5. CAN1
  6. CAN2
  7. Ethernet
  8. EiB

Сonnection example

Module parameters

Parameter name Value
Type of connection CAN, Ethernet
Input/output interfaces Ethernet, 2xCAN, EIB, Bluetooth
Data speed 10/100Mb/s
Max CAN deviсes 100(50 per CAN)
CAN bus topology BUS
Number of CAN ports 2
Power supply 11.5 … 27.5 V DC
24V, 2.5A Recommended
Max own current (24V) 140mA
Max CAN bus length 800 m* (twisted pair 5 cat)
Max current per CAN bus 700mA
IR Receiver angle 30°
Case material ABS
Protection IP40
Equipment installation type DIN-rail (EN 60715)
Temperature range -10 … +50°C
Size 6U, 104x90x58 mm
Weight 145 g

* – installing additional power supply units is required for long lines; the maximum length of the line may be reduced by various interference factors

Indication of module operation.

Indicator Status Description
Power Power
Power not available
Activity Transferring data
No data transferring
Error No errors