1. Register your server in Larnitech Cloud using LT Setup, in the ‘General’ tab;
  2. Request support for adding licenses for Alexa devices (by default one device);
  3. Make sure you have the latest versions of LT Setup and LT Server installed;
  4. Go to tab ‘Updates’ . Press ‘Check for updates’ and install Alexa Amazon Plugin;
  5. Install Amazon Alexa app on your Android or iOS device. Register or login in Alexa app;
  6. Go to device setup section in your Alexa app and add your device;

  7. Add Larnitech Smart Home skill in Alexa app in Skills section;

  8. Enable Larnitech Smart Home skill using your Larnitech Cloud login;
  9. In LT Setup go to ‘Structure’ tab, choose an item which you want to manage with Alexa, enable ‘Voice control’ and enter ‘Voice control name’ (the device will be added to Alexa under this name); Repeat this action for all the items you want to control;you want to control;
  10. Press ‘Discover Devices’ in Alexa app in ‘Smart Home’ tab or say ‘Alexa, discover new devices’;

  11. Enjoy your Alexa with Larnitech!