The system supports the transfer of settings in JSON format. You can only use the parameters that you need.

Parameters description

Parameter Description
msg Message mask (4 bytes, least significant half bits per line are used)
e-mail Email for cloud
mode-is-remote Connection mode (0 – local, 1 – remote, 2 – auto, 3 – cloud)
e-passw Password from cloud
srv-addr Local server address
srv-addr-remote Remote server address
pass-key Access key to the server
su Expert settings
upnp-client Use your devise as upnp client
blinds-s Add blinds tab
upnp-pl-upload Allow upnp playlist upload
upnp-renderer Use your devise as upnp penderer
beep-sound Allow to use sound feedback
beep-vibro Allow to use vibration feedback
screen-lock-mode Disable auto-lock (0 – no, 1 – yes, 2 – yes when charging)
screen-saver Darken the screen (1-30 min, in the application you can set 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30)
srv-serial Serial of server
i-m-i Ignore missed calls in the intercom
language Language