This module contains motion, lighting (CW-MLI only)
sensors and an IR transmitter (CW-MLI only).

Motion detection area

Parameter name Value
Control parameters Motion, lightning(option)
Angle of vision IR 30°
Power supply 11.5 … 27.5 V DC from CAN
Max current(24V) 50 mA
Max IR distance 3 meters*
Bus type CAN (4-wire)
Mounting Cell.
Protection IP40
Temperature range -10 … +50 °C
Size 17x17x60 mm
Weight 15 g

* – depends on many factors, such as the sensitivity of the IR receiver, the reflectivity of surfaces etc. Recommended distance up to 3 meters

HW settings

Name Type, range SUBID Default Description
scale float (0…8) SubID of sensor 1 multiplier determines the slope of values (except temperature sensors) Example:

pwr integer (1…100) SubID of IR-transmitter 100

Power of infrared transmitter signal (for CW-MLI only). Example:


			<item addr="410:11" cfgid="78" name="IR transmitter" type="ir-transmitter"/>
			<item addr="410:30" cfgid="78" name="Motion" hw="scale='3.2'" type="motion-sensor" uniq_id="820"/>
			<item addr="410:31" cfgid="78" name="Illumination" hw="scale='4.8'" type="illumination-sensor" uniq_id="821"/>
			<item addr="410:98" cfgid="78" name="Temperature" system="yes" type="temperature-sensor" uniq_id="822"/>