This module can support up to 15 buttons/reed switches or 8 LED buttons.




Module dimensions


Led button scheme

Connection of buttons/LED buttons

hw example for 15 buttons:


hw example for 8 LED buttons:


Module parameters

Parameter name Value
Input channels qty 16
Buttons 15
LED Buttons 8
Backlight voltage 3V
Power supply 11.5 … 27.5 V DC from CAN
Max current(24V) 45mA
Push-button/reed switches
line recommended length*
30 m
Bus type CAN (4-wire)
Equipment installation type DIN-rail (EN 60715)
Case material ABS
Protection IP40
Temperature range -10 … +50 °C
Size 2U, 36x102x58 mm
Weight 75g

* – laying of power and signal wires according to EIA/TIA 569 or EN50174-2 standards.

Indication of module operation.


Indicator Status Description
Device in bootloader
Waiting for bootloader command
Flashing firmware

Firmware mode

Indicator Status Description
Operational mode

Lost connection to server
RTC error

Key pressed

Module installation and connection procedure

  1. Install the module in the switchboard on the DIN rail and fix it with the special latch on the module base.
  2. Connect the X1 connector.
  3. Connect the CAN connectors.
  4. Configure the module using LT setup.
  5. Check all equipment for proper operation.

Module shut-off and deinstallation procedure

  1. Disconnect the connectors CAN.
  2. Disconnect the X1 connector.
  3. Remove the module from the DIN rail, releasing the latch at the bottom of the module base.

HW Settings

Name Type, range SUBID Default Description
in char[16] 98 'BBBBBBBBGGGGGGGG' Each char is responsible for the type of a particular channel

  • 'B'-Button, button of bell a type;
  • 'C'-Inverted button, inverse button of a bell type (for normally-closed);
  • 'D'-Backlit button, illuminated button;
  • 'E'-Inverted backlit button, inverse illuminated button;
  • 'S'-Switch, fixed switch;
  • 'K'-Contact, reed contact;
  • 'H'-Inverted contact, invers reed contact;
  • 'G'-GND, is used as earthing;
  • '-'-none, nothing is connected.

Example: in='DEHHHHBB- -CCSSSG'


<item addr="441:11" cfgid="55" name="Switch" type="switch" uniq_id="4628"/>
<item addr="441:12" cfgid="55" name="Switch" type="switch" uniq_id="4629"/>
<item addr="441:13" cfgid="55" name="Switch" type="switch" uniq_id="4630"/>
<item addr="441:14" cfgid="55" name="Switch" type="switch" uniq_id="4631"/>
<item addr="441:15" cfgid="55" name="Switch" type="switch" uniq_id="4632"/>
<item addr="441:16" cfgid="55" name="Switch" type="switch" uniq_id="4633"/>
<item addr="441:17" cfgid="55" name="Switch" type="switch" uniq_id="4634"/>
<item addr="441:18" cfgid="55" name="Door" type="door-sensor" uniq_id="4637"/>
<item addr="441:19" cfgid="55" name="Switch" type="switch" uniq_id="4638"/>
<item addr="441:20" cfgid="55" name="Switch" type="switch" uniq_id="4639"/>
<item addr="441:25" cfgid="55" name="Switch" type="switch" uniq_id="4640"/>
<item addr="441:98" cfgid="55" hw="in='BBDDEESHBB----BG'" name="Temperature" system="yes" type="temperature-sensor" uniq_id="4636"/>