CAUTION! All work related to the installation, connection, setting, service and support must be carried out by qualified personnel with sufficient skills and experience in working with electrical equipment.

To avoid the risk of fire, electric shock, damage to the system and / or personal injury, the system installation and assembly must be performed in accordance with the instructions listed below:
all connection works must be carried out without power;
use appropriate tools and personal protection against electric shock;
do not use damaged cables, wires and connectors;
avoid folding of cables and wires;
do not pinch or kink the cables and wires by applying excessive force. Otherwise, inner conductors of the cable and wires may be stripped or broken;
do not use the power socket with poor contacts to connect;
do not exceed the load parameters limit specified in this manual;
the supply conductors wire section is subject to the specifications for current density limit, insulation type and wire material. Light section can result in cable overheating and fire.

When working with the system after voltage supply NEVER:
make connection/disconnection of connectors;
open modules and sensors.