Example of description in XML:

<item addr="335:112" name="Conditioner" type="conditioner" vane-ver="0x3"/> // Conditioner virtual device description
    <import-script id="335" CONDID="140" IRID="335:17" path="conditioner-MITS-4.txt"/> // Conditioner control script description
//Description with the help of one tag:
<item IRT="566:64" addr="566:250" name="conditioner" script-id="con" path="scripts/con.txt" type="conditioner"/>

Additional parameters:

Name type and variety description default value
path* string Path to script
script-id string script id from the description for interface
t-min number temperature low value 16
t-delta number temperature range 16
modes bit mask Mask of operation modes 0xFF
funs bit mask Mask of airflow mode 0xFF
vane-ver bit mask Mask of vertical fins mode 0xFF
vane-hor bit mask Mask of horizontal fins mode 0xFF
temperature-sensors list list of valve temperature sensors

* – required fields

Device status (6 bytes):

Byte number Description
0 0 bit – 0 is off, 1 is on
4-7th bit – mode of operation
0 – Fan,
1 – Cool,
2 – Dry,
3 – Heat,
4 – Auto.
1 temperature (t-min is to be added to the value)
3 0-3d bit – position of horizontal fins
4-7th bit – position of vertical fins
4 0-3d bit – airflow capacity

Status setting:

from the 1st to the 6th correspondingly