Example of description in XML:

<item addr="333:132" name="sensor" type="virtual" sub-type="sensor" dim="%" length="2"/>
<item addr="333:145" name="Text" type="virtual" sub-type="text" length="0"/>


Name type and variety description default value
sub-type enum sensor – virtual sensor
text – virtual sensor of text type (UTF8), length is to be equal to 0
long-text – virtual field of text type (UTF8), length is to be equal to 0
Devices that need script to track the status (see the example below the table):
lamp, dimer-lamp, rgb-lamp, jalousie, gate, gate120, jalousie120
prf – with formatted set of status, the description isbelow
length* number status size, bytes
0 – dynamic size (obvious for the elements of “sub-type=text” type)
dim symbol Symbol added to the end of virtual sensor value (for example, % or С)

* – required fields

Example of virtual device “lamp”:

<item addr="142:99" length="1" name="Lamp" sub-type="lamp" type="virtual"/>
The processing of pressing in the script:
u8 state = 0;
V-ID/142:99 {
	if (opt(0)==0xff){//pressing the element in the interface
		if (state==0) state = 1;
		else state = 0;
		setStatus(142:99,state);//for correct displaying in the interface
Example of virtual device "dimmable lamp":
<item addr="142:99" length="2" name="Lamp" sub-type="dimer-lamp" type="virtual"/>
The script  processing of stroke
u8 state[2] = {0,0};
    if (opt(0)==0xff){
        if (state[0]==0) state[0] = 1;
        else state[0] = 0;
    }else (opt(0)==0xfe){
    }else {

    }else {