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Supply voltage11.5 … 27.5 V DC,
Passive POE 24V
Dimentions153x85x45 mm


Video intercom calling panel. Has a built-in 2MP camera with IR illumination, a proximity card reader, a relay for connecting the electric lock. Has a built-in 2Gb memory to record photos/video. Supports SIP protocols, DLNA. Proximity RFID 125 kHz card reader To add a new key, you need to add the CardReader_v2.txt script (check how to use it in the description of the script). You can find the script in LT Setup, Scripts tab, press “Add script”, and choose CardReader_v2.txt script from Security folder. Also, you can make a snapshot from IC’s camera by following this link: http://IP address of your IC:55556/snapshot. Here, the IP address of your IC should be filled manually (with the IP address of your intercom).

Module view


Module dimensions and installation


Connection example using power supply


Connection example using PoE


Lock connection


IR Backlight description

IR Backlight turns on when the camera is on and the illumination level is below 10%. Every 10 minutes Backlight turns off and update illumination level. If illumination level upper 10% backlight stay off, else turns on.

Module parameters

Camera Full HD (1920×1080)
IR lighting 1 m
Card reader RFID 125kHz
Connection type Ethernet
Protocols SIP, DLNA
Power supply 11.5 … 27.5 V DC,
Passive POE 24V
Max current 100 mA
Max cable length POE (8 wire in UTP-5e) 50-80 m
PS 24V – 100 m
PS 12V – 15-20 m
Relay Potectial free contact
2A, 24 V DC/250 V AC
Case material Aluminium alloy panel,
Protection IP65
Mounting type Wall surface mount
Temperature range -20…+50 °C
Dimensions 153x85x45 mm
Weigth 620 g

HW settings

Name Type, range SUBID Default Description
hold integer (0…10000) 8 2000 bridging time (0..10000 milliseconds) Example:
vol integer (0…250) 8 150 Volume for the message of opening the lock (0-250) Example:
r string 8 500 Lock Inverse Example:
vol (0…250) 250 150 Ring volume by pressing the call button (0-250) Example:
irl integer (1…99) 6 10 level of illumination sensor to turn on IR illumination Example:
 1<item addr="202:1" cfgid="68" name="switch" type="switch" uniq_id="3774"/>
 2<item addr="202:2" cfgid="68" name="Illumination" type="illumination-sensor" uniq_id="3775"/>
 3<item addr="202:3" cfgid="68" name="Illumination IR" type="illumination-sensor" uniq_id="3776"/>
 4<item addr="202:5" cfgid="68" name="Card reader" type="security-card-reader" uniq_id="3777"/>
 5<item addr="202:6" auto-period="600" cfgid="68" name="IR" system="yes" type="lamp" uniq_id="3778"/>
 6<item addr="202:8" auto-period="600" cfgid="68" name="Lock" hw="hold=6000 vol=160 r" type="lamp" uniq_id="3779"/>
 7<item addr="202:30" cfgid="68" name="speaker" type="speaker" uniq_id="3780"/>
 8<item addr="202:31" cfgid="68" name="mic" type="mic" uniq_id="3781"/>
 9<item addr="202:98" cfgid="68" name="CPU" system="yes" type="temperature-sensor" uniq_id="3782"/>
10<item addr="202:240" cfgid="68" name="rtsp" type="rtsp" uniq_id="3783" url="http://dev:55556" video-uri="/:31?camera"/>
11<item addr="202:250" cameras="202:240" cfgid="68" door="202:8" hw="vol=150" iid="0" name="Intercom_202" type="intercom" uniq_id="3784">
12    <linked addr="202:1" uniq_id="3785"/>