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In the Larnitech application, you can view the history of changes in the states of an item, sensor readings, etc. The history is available for actuators, sensors, radiators, ventilation and air conditioners. To view the history, press and hold the item button – a graph appears at the bottom of the screen. In the left screenshot, we see the history of the dimmer states over the last hour.

The vertical axis of the graph displays the main parameter of the actuator or sensor (in this case, brightness), and the horizontal axis displays the time interval.


In those items which have only two states (on/off, open/close, etc.), the graph displays the “on” and “open” states as 100% on the graph, and “off” and “closed” as 0%. In the screenshot below, we look at the history of lamp states over the last hour.


If during some period of time the lamp was in both states, its value is averaged and displayed as percentage depending on the time it was in the on and off state. In such a case, the values are limited by the range of 10% to 90% (that is, if the lamp was turned on less than 10% of the whole time, the level of 10% will be displayed).


In the screenshot on the left, we review the history of the radiator for the day. The green curve represents the air temperature readings received from the sensor. The gray curve represents the temperature level set on the radiator. Red highlighted are the periods when the radiator was turned on and worked.

Configuring the history

The menu above the graph contains history control buttons.


  1. the menu used to select the period for which the history of readings will be displayed: minute, hour, day, week, month, and year.
  2. reset button – the graph moves back to the current time if it has been previously shifted (Reset);
  3. the button used to enable automatic scaling (Scale);
  4. close the history.