Example of description in XML:

<item type="le<p>Additional parameters:</p>
<table style="width:640px">
<th>type and variety</th>
<th>default value</th>

<td>Turning off leakage notifications</td>
</table>ak-sensor" addr="134:1" name="Leakage"/>

Device status (1 byte):

Byte number description
0 0 – no leakage
1 – leakage, with this the leakage status is sent every second till the sensor resetting
2 – set up to ignore
3 – leakage when ignoring

status setting (1 byte):

Byte number description
0-3 Time of ignoring the leak (seconds). At the end, the leakage will be reset.
Maximum value is 86400 (1 day)