New features​:

  • At advanced tab in device edit, an option ​Confirm Actions​ was added, which enables request for confirming by a click on an element.
  • In ​device edit -> auto ​a quick setting function for automation “​Auto Wizard​” was added. In Auto Wizard the alternative automation settings option was added. Now, the automation for the whole room with choosing elements can be set at menu and for the single element at the automation tab.

New features​:

  • Fixed ​log view ​in LTSeput, now it loads faster.
  • Added update for LTSetup alpha version for all servers. Now the version of server is viewed as: “​alpha​” or ​numbers ​that means the release version.
  • The elements in ​Structure ​now can be dragged and shuffled manually.
  • Settings for ​Intercom ​and ​Mediapoint ​can be reset in LTSetup.
  • Master-Slave ​option was added. It is added as a light scheme. At the same time lighting elements or blind/gates can be added.​ ​ A virtual master is created that controls all the slave elements. Type of the virtual element is chosen by this way: if there is RGB then type is rgb-lamp else if there is a dimmer then type is dimmer-lamp else type is lamp.
  • Emergency sensors
  • fire, smoke and c02
  • are shown at the list of areas when triggered.
  • Added a possibility to install alpha version of Airplay and Bluetooth plugins.

New features:

  • Buffer and stack for static variables are extended to 1024 bytes.
  • For valve heating, only a last bit of status is read (0 or 1).
  • Restriction for ignoring a leakage for more then 24 hours was added.
  • A virtual element with the time of sunrise and sunset was added to weather plugin, 999:​10​ sunrise & sunset​ (4 bytes, minute sunrise, minute sunset).


  • isDefined function in scripts is fixed.
  • NEST plugin overflow is fixed.
  • Fixed a bug when the history of sensor could store a Null on creation.
  • Fixed function eeEmulWrite to store data with ID more then 1999
  • Fixed a bug while processing the state of an element with Malfunction status.
  • Fixed a bug when a logic uploaded not the logic of a current version.
  • Fixed a bug when the counter of auto-reply button pressing was overflowed.
  • Fixed a bug when an event was triggered in case of switching states of reed switch from an unknown one to a known one. (That triggering was leading to false launching of an automation processes).


New features:

  • Choosing of server mode. New modes: No UDP and Gateway were added for DE-MG and Metaforsa for possible union of server devices on one single network.


  • a bug, when Metaforsa was overflowed by a big number of incoming packages.

New featrures:

  • Blinds ​can now be calibrated in the edit mode in Advanced tab. By pressing Calibrate​. For normal-current blinds, the process is automated. For low-current, an additional tab with instructions to follow will be shown. Also, in​ Settings->Advanced. Flag ​Blinds tab ​was added. It separates blinds and gates to their own tab.
  • At the ​advanced tab in ​device edit, a possibility to set a password for an element was added.
  • In ​Settings->Advanced​ a flag ​Expert settings​ was added that creates a tab.
  • In Settings->Advanced a flag ​All OFF button ​was added. It draws a button for shutting down all the executors.
  • At ​Advanced ​tab in device edit, a possibility to protect an element by above button (​All off disable​) was added.


  • a bug when incorrect type of connection (wifi instead of cloud) was shown.
  • In device edit an error was processed for saving an element with no name.

New features:

  • Log clearing ​has been added. Log clearing resets: logic, server logs, language, time zone, access to LTSetup, attached user account. After log clearing, the initialisation of LTSetup and software update will be executed.