• Compact size (only 16mm thickness)
  • 6 inputs support:
    • Buttons
    • Switches
    • reed switches
    • LED buttons
    • digital temperature sensor
  • Outputs support:
    • Lights
    • NC/NO heating valves
    • NC/NO locks

Designed for AC/DC circuits commutation. Applicable for lighting and
other electrical devices. It has 6 inputs for connecting buttons and reed switches.

Example of connection.

hw="in='+TKBBB' out='LL'"

Module parameters

Parameter name Value
Output channels qty 2
Input channels qty 6
LED Buttons
Input voltage 100-250 V
Current type AC
Max load per channel 2 A
Backlight voltage 3V
Power supply 11.5 … 27.5 V DC from CAN
Max current(24V) 35 mA
Permissible section of power supply cable to connect in socket:
single-conductor cable
multiple-conductor cable
tipped multiple-conductor cable
0.5 … 4mm2
0.5 … 4mm2
0.5 … 2.5mm2
Temperature sensor line max length 0.3m
Bus type CAN (4-wire)
Mounting Free
Case material ABS
Protection IP40
Temperature range -10 … +50 °C
Size 45x42x14 mm
Weight 25 g


Module installation and connection procedure

  1. Connect the outputs.
  2. Connect the inputs.
  3. Connect the CAN connector.
  4. Configure the module using LT setup.
  5. Apply power to the load.
  6. Check all equipment for proper operation.

Module shut-off and deinstallation procedure

  1. Disconnect the power from the load.
  2. Disconnect the CAN connector.
  3. Disconnect the inputs.
  4. Disconnect the outputs.

HW Settings

Name Type, range SUBID Default Description
runtime integer 0-100 1-2 15 runtime is the open/close time in seconds, is used for jalousie, gate, valve(2 pole); Example: runtime=15
hold integer 0-10000 1-2 500 hold is the bridging time in miliseconds, is used for gate and jalousie (by default hold is the same as runtime), lock; Example: hold=3500
def string 'ON' 1-2 'OFF' Def is the element status is set after restart, is used for lamp, heating, valve(1 pole); Example: def='ON'
offset float(+/- 0…39) 30 '0' sensor values offset;
For example, offset is -3.8 :

stop Char ‘R’ 1 (for 2-pole gate and blinds) If it is declared then by Stop command during the motion, the same impulse appears as it was at the beginning of the motion. Pole, an which the stop-impules is formed, is defined by the parameter Stop value. If it is ‘r’ or ‘R’ then stop-impulse is produced on the opposite to the start-impulse pole. If any other value is delcared (e.g., ‘d’ ) then the stop-impulse is on the same pole. If a Runtime passed after the beginning of the motion then the stop-impulse is not formed. Example: stop=’r’
out char[2] 98 'LL' Each char is responsible for the type of a particular channel

  • ‘L’-Lamp,
  • ‘M’-Lamp Inverse,
  • ‘J’-Heating NO,
  • ‘H’-Heating NC,
  • ‘B’-Blinds (2 pole),
  • ‘C’-Blinds Inverse (2 pole),
  • ‘G’-Gate (2 pole),
  • ‘D’-Gate (2 pole) Inverse,
  • ‘X’-Gate (1 pole /short press),
  • ‘Z’-Gate (1 pole) Inverse,
  • ‘V’-Valve (2 pole),
  • ‘W’-Valve (2 pole) Inverse,
  • ‘R’-Valve (1 pole),
  • ‘S’-Valve (1 pole) Inverse,
  • ‘K’-Lock (short press),
  • ‘N’-Lock (short press) Inverse,
  • ‘F’-FanCoil. Group1 (Lamp Toggle). For fancoil speed control;
  • ‘-‘-none


in char[6] 98 'BBBBKK' Each char is responsible for the type of a particular channel

  • ‘B’-Button,
  • ‘C’-Inverted button,
  • ‘D’-Backlit button,
  • ‘E’-Inverted backlit button,
  • ‘S’-Switch,
  • ‘K’-Contact,
  • ‘H’-Inverted contact,
  • ‘-‘-none

and you can also connect one temperature sensor




Input HW configuration

chanel 1 2 3 4 5 6
+ + + + + +
+ + + + +
Temperature Sensor +


<item addr="501:1" cfgid="52" name="Valve" type="valve" uniq_id="4169"/>
<item addr="501:14" cfgid="52" name="Door" type="door-sensor" uniq_id="4168"/>
<item addr="501:15" cfgid="52" name="Switch" type="switch" uniq_id="4128"/>
<item addr="501:30" cfgid="52" name="Temperature" hw="offset='-10'" type="temperature-sensor" uniq_id="4171"/>
<item addr="501:97" cfgid="52" name="Temperature" system="yes" type="temperature-sensor" uniq_id="3998"/>
<item addr="501:98" cfgid="52" hw="out='V-' in='+T-KD-'" name="Temperature" system="yes" type="temperature-sensor" uniq_id="3999"/>