Contains temperature, lighting, and humidity sensors.

CAN connector pinout

Parameter name Value
Control parameters Temperature, humidity, lighting
Temperature measuring range -10 … +50°C
Humidity measuring range 0 … 100%
Power supply 11.5 … 27.5 V DC from CAN
Max current(24V) 25 mA
Bus type CAN (4-wire)
Mounting Wall, celling
Case material ABS
Protection IP40
Size 40x40x12
Weight 50 g


HW Settings

Name Type, range SUBID Default Description
offset float (+/- 0…39) SubID of sensor 0 sensor values offset (for temperature sensors) Example:

scale float (0…8) SubID of sensor 1 multiplier determines the slope of values (except temperature sensors) Example:


		<item addr="323:31" cfgid="83" name="Humidity" type="humidity-sensor" hw="scale='7.1'" uniq_id="4626"/>
		<item addr="323:32" cfgid="83" name="Temperature" hw="offset='-21'" type="temperature-sensor" uniq_id="4627"/>
		<item addr="323:33" cfgid="83" name="Illumination" type="illumination-sensor" hw="scale='6.2'" uniq_id="4628"/>
                <item addr="323:34" cfgid="94" name="Illumination" type="illumination-sensor"/> 
		<item addr="323:98" cfgid="83" name="Temperature" system="yes" type="temperature-sensor" uniq_id="4629"/>

Illumination-sensor with SubID 33 is for visible light
Illumination-sensor with SubID 34 is for infrared light