1. Make sure you have the latest versions of LT Setup and LT Server installed;
  2. Go to ‘Updates’ tab. Press ‘Check for updates’ and install “Siri voice assistant” Plugin;
  3. In LT Setup go to ‘Structure’ tab, choose an item which you want to manage with Home app on your iOS device , enable ‘Voice control’ and enter ‘Voice control name’ (with this name the device will be added to Home app on your iOS device); Repeat this action for all the items you want to control;
  4. On your iOS device open Home app (version of iOS 10 or higher required) and press ‘Add Accessory’, then scan QR code or press “I Don`t Have a Code or Cannot Scan” button. Select accessory from the list, if it is empty, press “My Accessory Isn`t Shown Here” button, then press “Enter code…” and enter bridge pin. Select accessory from the list and press “Add anyway” and finish setup.

  5. Enjoy your Siri!