Standard automation description.

There are 6 types of automation. Only one automation of each type could be connected to one element!

The template of declaring the element with automation:

<item addr="Device address" auto-period="Time of automation disabling" name="Element name" type="Element type, for example lamp">
	<automation all the required parameters of automation within the tag and type="automation type"/>
	all the subtags with all required automations, one per each type in a single string
    <linked addr="could be bound to the buttons"/><br>

Automation types and all the parameters for each of them:

  1. Activating when opening one of the doors: on-by-door – enabled, door-sensors, illumination-sensors, illumination-level, time-interval, time-intervals
  2. Disactivating when closing the door: off-by-door – enabled, door-sensors, delay, motion-sensors, motion-level, time-interval, time-intervals
  3. Activating according to movement on any of specified sensors: on-by-moving – enabled, motion-sensors, motion-level, illumination-sensors, illumination-level, time-interval, time-intervals
  4. Disactivating according to movement on all the specified sensors: off-by-moving – enabled, motion-sensors, motion-level, time-interval, time-intervals
  5. Disactivating according to the level of illumination on all the sensors: off-by-illumination – enabled, illumination-sensors, illumination-level, time-interval, time-intervals
  6. Activating and disactivating according to time patterns: with-time – enabled, time-intervals

Parameters description:

  1. enabled – automation activating (=”yes”) or disactivating (=”no”)
  2. door-sensors, motion-sensors, illumination-sensors – the addresses of sensors of corresponding type applied for automation (several sensors are specified via, for example 533:10;525:12)
  3. motion-level, illumination-level – reading levels of corresponding sensors
  4. time-interval – timing range operation of sensors readings levels
  5. time-intervals – parameter in the format of 7 consecutive repeating successions of hexadecimal notations like XXXXXXXXXXXX (their length is 12 symbols, per each day of the week starting from SUNDAY), symbolizing bitwise automation activity half-hour periods of time (i.e. each number equals to 2 hours exactly)


    time-intervals=”000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000” – it doesn’t operate ever:



  6. delay – off delay parameter on movement in automation of switching off according to the door after its closing