Example of description in XML:

<item addr="2048:10" name="TV" type="remote-control" sub-type=”Samsung”>
	<remote-signal identifier="signal-power" transmitter-addr="210:12" value="196406...7F09FC"/>
	<remote-signal identifier="signal-1" transmitter-addr="210:12" value="196406...7F09FC"/>
<remote-signal identifier="signal-ch-down" transmitter-addr="210:12" value="196406...7F09FC"/>


Name type and variety description default value
id number 2048 ID of the device where this element is located physically (always use 2048) 2048
sub-type enum displayed remote control module (it should be specified in the interface)
identifier enum remote control button identifier
transmitter-addr ADDR IR signals transmitter address or address of another executor (script, interface etc.)
value HEX Data sent by IR transmitter when activating the button
string-value String Data sent to ADDR when activating the button

In order to add the device IR-console to “Larnitech” application it is required:

  1. Add to logic.xml file the device of remote-control type using LT Setup (Add remote control).
  2. Activate the engineering mode in ” Larnitech ” app settings.
  3. In the device list find the remote control added from LT Setup and choose “Edit mode”.
  4. In the window that appears select the IR-transmitter from which the IR-signals will be sent to the device (TV, DVD, Receiver).
  5. In the window that appears select the IR-receiver (gateway) for reading the IR-signals from the device remote control (TV, DVD, Receiver).
  6. Press the remote control button in ” Larnitech ” application, the countdown will start during which you are to send the IR-signal to the IR-receiver (gateway). The gateway will capture the signal and the button in “Larnitech” application will be activated.
  7. Set each the button of the device remote control as it is shown in paragraph No.6.