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Control parametersTemperature, humidity
Supply voltage2.5 - 3 V DC
Dimentions43x43x12,5 mm


This is a sensor that works with our BT-CAN bluetooth module.

Module parameters

Parameter name Value
Control parameters Temperature, humidity
Temperature range 0°C - 60°C
Humidity range 0% - 99% RH
Power supply 2.5V - 3V DC
Connection type Bluetooth 4.2
Compatible BT-CAN
Case material ABS
Protection IP40
Dimensions 43x43x12,5 mm
Weigth 21 g

How to add

1. To connect the BT-HT sensor. We need to connect BT-CAN via CAN bus. Then in LT Setup in the 'Structure' tab click on the 'Edit logic' button and check if the json string is added.

Example string:

1<item addr="900:1" name="json" sub-type="btunreg" type="json"/>

2. Then open the Larnitech app and go to 'Edit mode' -> 'Setup' -> 'Bluetooth' tab. The sensor should appear.

3. Add our sensor.