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Type of connectionCAN, Ethernet
Input/output interfacesEthernet, 2xCAN
Max CAN devices100(50 per CAN)
CAN port qty2
Max CAN bus length800 m (twisted pair 5 cat)
Max current per CAN bus700 mA
Supply voltage11.5...27.5 V DC
24V, 2.5A Recommended
Dimentions2U, 36x102x58 mm


It is used for accumulation and storage of system data. The device determines the logical scheme of the system and allows authorized access to the system via the Internet. It also converts Ethernet into CAN bus and vice versa. DE-MG has a built-in IR receiver.The DE-MG can be controlled via cloud with a securely encrypted signal. The system history from all other devices and sensors is stored on the DE-MG for one year. Its plug and play feature means that it automatically detects and configures new Larnitech devices that are added to the system. A large and constantly updated database of ready-made scripts ensures that your home does everything your heart may desire. Get things going by telling your home what to do with the help of Siri, Alexa or Google Home. Get push notifications on your phone whenever the system has things to tell you and enjoy the ultimate control at your fingertips


  • One DE-MG can manage up to 1000 devices
  • Cloud connection and control of all house systems
  • Viewing security cameras via cloud (for authorized users)
  • Voice control (Siri, Alexa, Google Home)
  • Plugins engine allows expanding the system possibilities (e.g. integrating with Satel, Philips Hue, IKEA lights)
  • Safety against unauthorized intrusion ensured with RSA/AES256 encryption
  • Push notifications from the system on your phone (also possible to receive through Telegram and Viber messengers)
  • History (meter data for 1 year is stored)
  • Plug and play (possibility for fast and user-friendly extension of the system)
  • Regular system updates
  • Large constantly updated database of scripts to meet all your needs
  • Automatic daily backups via cloud with the possibility to restore the initial configuration
  • Open API (which allows integrating Larnitech into other systems)
  • Interactive and user-friendly LT SETUP Web interface available for advanced configuration
  • The module supplies power to CAN bus, ensuring system reliability and stable operation

CAUTION! All work related to the installation, connection, setting up, service and support must be carried out by qualified personnel with sufficient skills and experience in working with electrical equipment.To avoid the risk of fire, electric shock, damage to the system and/or personal injury, the system installation and assembly must be performed in accordance with the instructions listed below:

  • all connectivity work must be carried out with the power turned OFF;
  • use appropriate tools and personal protection against electric shock;
  • do not use damaged cables, wires and connectors;
  • avoid folding the cables and wires;
  • do not apply excessive force to the wires by kinking or pressing them too hard: the inner conductors of the cables and wires may get stripped or damaged;
  • do not use the power socket with poor contacts to connect;
  • do not exceed the load limit parameters specified in the manual;
  • the supply conductors wire section is subject to the specifications for current density limit, insulation type and wire material. Light section can result in cable overheating and fire.

When the power is on, NEVER:

  • connect/disconnect the connectors;
  • open modules and sensors.

Module view


  1. Indicators
  2. IR Reсiever
  3. Recovery button
  4. Power supply
  5. CAN1
  6. CAN2
  7. Ethernet

Сonnection example


Module dimensions


Module parameters

Parameter name Value
Type of connection CAN, Ethernet
Input/output interfaces Ethernet, 2xCAN
Data speed 10/100Mb/s
Max CAN deviсes 100(50 per CAN)
CAN bus topology BUS
Number of CAN ports 2
Power supply 11.5 … 27.5 V DC
24V, 2.5A Recommended
Max own current (24V) 140mA
Max CAN bus length 800 m* (twisted pair 5 cat)
Max current per CAN bus 700mA
IR Receiver angle 30°
Case material ABS
Protection IP40
Equipment installation type DIN-rail (EN 60715)
Temperature range -10 … +50°C
Size 2U, 36x102x58 mm
Weight 145 g

* – installing additional power supply units is required for long lines; the maximum length of the line may be reduced by various interference factors

Powering the bus with an external power supply


Indication of module operation

Indicator Status Description
Yl.png Device in bootloader
B.pngB.png Downloading firmware
R.pngR.png Flashing firmware