Disarming by Intercom with RFID/NFC cards

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To disarm system by RFID/NFC cards via Intercom, you need to do the next steps
1. Open LT Setup, General tab - click on "Scripts"
Screenshot 100.png
2. Click on "+Add Script". In Security folder, choose "CardReader_v2.txt"
Screenshot 110.png
3. In new pop-up window, set any name for the new device, Module, and location. By default, it’s the main folder Setup of your server
"Enable debug mode" - check the box
"Select the lock" field - set the lock of the intercom (by default, in Setup folder)
After that, scroll down the page and save settings
Screenshot 120.png
4. After saving, card-reader will be shown like that
Screenshot 130.png
5. Then, open Security plugin, click on "Card readers" tab, and on "+Add"
Screenshot 140.png
6. In the pop-up window, choose your card-reader, enter any name, and set the lock of the intercom
After that, save changes
Screenshot 150.png
7. In new object, click on "+Add key"
Screenshot 160.png
8. In the new pop-up window, click on "Auto detect" button
Auto-detect function works only on the same subnet of the server (local) !! Via proxy or cloud, it will not work
Screenshot 170.png
9. When you will see that window, put your RFID or NFC card to intercom card-reader
Screenshot 180.png
It will detect the code and write it to the "Key" field automatically
Screenshot 190.png
10. Then, fill all required fields :
User name - any you like
Disarm - check the box
Then add time interval for the user. Without that, disarming will be not working!!
Screenshot 200.png
11. After clicking on "+Add time interval", settings will be shown below, like on the screen
And save settings
Screenshot 210.png
12. New user will be shown like this
Screenshot 220.png
After these settings, when you will put the card to intercom, it will be disarming the house
You can add NFC cards as well, with the same procedure - one user=one card
That function available for FE-IC intercom (RFID cards) and FE-IC.nfc (RFID and NFC cards)