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Larnitech GmbH offers smart home systems of two varieties: the simplified basic system called Metaforsa and the full-function Larnitech Smart Home, based on the DE-MG (main gateway) module. The table below offers the comparison between the 4 options.

Feature DE-MG Metaforsa3
Quantity of supported extra modules
This is the quantity of extra modules that can be connected to
the Smart Home systemsystem
999 999 41 99
Lighting scenarios
There is a possibility of creating various lighting scenarios
+ + + +
Lighting automation
Lighting automation is based on motion detectors, level of
lighting, door position, time and date
+ + + +
Quantity of additional scenarios
This is the number of additional scenarios that can be used
in the system. Lighting scenarios and lighting automation are
considered basic functions and are not included in this list
150+2 150+ 2 70+ 1 2 150+ 2
Quantity of IP cameras that can be integrated into the system
This function allows to view the image captured by IP cameras
and to control them using the Larnitech Smart Home application
99 99 1 99
Possibility of creating custom scenarios
Possibility of creating custom scenarios that do not exist in the
+ + 1 +
Voice control (Siri, Alexa, Google Home, Alisa) + + + +
Support of multiroom system
Ability to integrate the media points into the Smart Home system
in order to play the voice messages and control media content
+ + + +
Possibility to connect the FE-IC intercom to Larnitech Smart
Home system
+ + + +
Support of third party media devices
Possibility to control the third party media devices that support the
DLNA protocol
+ + +
Remote control
Remote connection that allows to control all Smart Home
systems through direct or cloud connection
+ + + +
Application programming interface that allows to exchange data
and commands with third party applications
+ + + +
Plug & Play
Technology that automatically detects and preconfigures new
devices connected to the system
+ + + +
Video cloud
Possibility to view the image from IP cameras with the help of
cloud connection
+ + + +
Number of relay outputs
Quantity of output channels that are built into the module in
order to connect the load
10 10
Number of dimming channels
Quantity of dimming channels that are built into the module in
order to connect the dimming lamps
4 4
Number of PWM outputs
PWM outputs combinated with inputs
0 0 28 28
Number of CAN ports
Quantity of CAN ports in order to connect additional modules
2 2 1 1
Built-in IR receiver
Infrared receiver used to set up a universal remote
+ + + +
Additional interfaces

1 - Can be extended with the license
2 - Continually expands