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Script name Description Available DE-MG Available Metaforsa
Automatic enable or disable Automatic on or off after a specified time of one or more items + +
Related Actions Actions of slaves according master. For example when lamp 1 is turn on, lamps 2 and 3 are turning off and vice versa + +
Turning on executor by pressing the button (with time delay) Turn on executor + +
Lock intercom Script for opening intercom lock + +


Script name Description Available DE-MG Available Metaforsa
Auto on conditioner by schedule and temperature For example turn on on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00 temperature upper than 26 degrees + -*
Change of heating profile You can change the heating profile for the selected areas + -*
Сonditioner protection Make sure that the air conditioner does not turn on when the outside temperature is not permissible + -*
Сonditioner protection by schedule Select a schedule for which the air conditioner will not turn on + -*
Turn on conditioner in the desired mode Turning on conditioner with preset parameters by pressing the button from interface + +
PI temperature regulator Proportional Integral regulation of temperature by dimmer + -*


Script name Description Available DE-MG Available Metaforsa
Pulse counter script Outputs information to the interface, writes the EEPROM readings of the counter to the selected memory location after a certain amount of time or water + -*

Group actions

Script name Description Available DE-MG Available Metaforsa
Off all If one or more executors are running, the script is activated, if you turn it off, then all the executors are turned off. If all the executors are off, then the script is turned off, when turned on, you can optionally set that all the artists are turned on. + -*
Combination of jalousies All selected slave jalousies will repeat the master jalousie + -*
Combination of RGB All selected slave RGB will repeat the master RGB + -*
Several actions with a delay between them Select several action groups (1-3) and delay them. For example, an external lock is opened and the light is turned on, after 15 seconds, the lock on the inner door is unlocked, and the external lock is closed and the light is turned off + +
I left When activated, switching off / on the selected devices, media points, transferring the heating to the selected mode + +
Sleep script When on/off script on/off automation according to the task + -*
Trigger script When you turn on this script, one script is turned on, another script is turned on when you turn it off. For example, I left / I came + +


Script name Description Available DE-MG Available Metaforsa
Lamps flashing Select some lamps and the period of their flashing. They will be simultaneously turned on and off according to the chosen time period + +
Switching off the RGB power supply after a time after turning off RGB The RGB power supply is turned off after the set time after RGB off + +
Smooth color changes of RGB lights Select some RGB, period of colour turning. When the script is activated, all RGB starts to turn on and will change the color accordingly to the period. If any of the RGB is turned off or manually changed parameters, then it exits the script until the next run + +
RGB overturn All selected RGBs will change color in a circle + +


Script name Description Available DE-MG Available Metaforsa
Intercom voice notification Sending notification on mediapoint in case of intercom call + -*
Movement of music by motion sensors Make music follow you. Select the media points and the corresponding motion sensors. Now when the script is started, if the sensor is exceeded the threshold of motion, the corresponding media point turns on, if music is already playing somewhere on the selected points. If there is no indication on the sensor, the point is turned off. The last playing point does not turn off + -*


Script name Description Available DE-MG Available Metaforsa
Cyclic Selection Select some devices and turn them on one after the other by using one button. Pressing the button turns off the current device and turns on the next one. If the device is the last one on the list, then the next press turns it off (and all the devices are turned off). + -*
Script of hysteresis Set up the hysteresis for any device on any sensor. For example, set the upper and lower limit for the temperature sensor and select the AC unit. If the sensor reading exceeds the upper limit, the AC unit will turn on and will work until the sensor reading is less than the lower limit + +
Script of gysteresis with middle level Select the sensor, upper and lower limit, and also the middle level; select two devices. If the sensor reading upper limit is exceeded, the first device will be turned on; it will be working until the sensor reading reaches the middle level. Similarly, if the sensor reading falls below the lower limit, the second device will be turned on; it will be working until the sensor reading reaches the middle level + +
Transmitting IR commands one by one by activating script You can select some commands(5 max), time-interval between them and send them with one click. For example, you can immediately turn on the TV and receiver by pressing the icon of the script, then after a time (delay), when the TV is loaded, switch it to the HDMI output + +
Morning alarm By activating the script, the selected melody played at the media point with the selected time interval increasing. Curtains open with the chosen delay + +
Initialization when the module starts Set the selected status for each selected device when initializing + +
Restoring device status If you have previously saved the state of the device, then using this script, you can restore it. + +
Saving device state For example, you need to save the current color and brightness of RGB. You can save them in non-volatile memory and then use these settings at any time. + -*
Actions that depend on sensor readings Control different devices according to the sensor reading with 1 script + -*
Smart blinds In the interface a blinds management icon will be created. Specify the type of blinds control, control contacts and manage it using the icon + -*
Time-dependent act(control by script) Control different device according to the time. For example activating this script you can turn on morning light in the morning, evening lighting in the evening and any lighting in any time of day. + -*
Device notification Sending notification in case of device work to long + -*


Script name Description Available DE-MG Available Metaforsa
Control of the electronic lock by the reader Opens the lock by reading the magnetic key + -*
Imitation of presence Let everyone around you think that you did not go anywhere. Select some devices and enable settings for each + -*
Morze cod Select the code for the button on which the script is executed + -*
Security script Activating the script turns on security mode. You can select up to 5 areas, with up to 3 motion sensors and 3 reed switches in each one. You can also set a password. When the script is activated, the security mode starts after 20 seconds. However, if at least one of the selected reed switches is not closed, then the script does ot start and the interface displays the name of the area in which the reed switch is not closed. In security mode, when a motion sensor or reed switch is triggered, a message appears in the interface with the area name and the pre-chosen scenario is executed. If the area is set as an entrance area, the system will allow 20 seconds to enter the password before the alarm is triggered. You need to set the threshold of the motion sensor. You can also postpone the sensor recovery time. + -*
Self-diagnosis Self-diagnostics of selected modules. You can add this script to the script I left + -*

  • - Can be available with additional license